The Revival of a Blog...

A few years ago, I was one among several individuals in the community of Goshen, Ind. who was asked to participate in a project headed up by Goshen College (GC) Professor of Communication, Duane Stoltzfus: the development of a community news website for the city of Goshen, curated by the Communication Department at GC. As a weekly blog contributor, I found the discipline of writing simultaneously frustrating and rewarding; the time commitment and deadlines associated with producing content were often stressful, yet those concerns were inevitably offset by the sense of satisfaction that came from exercising my writing skills. And long after I posted my last official entry for Goshen Commons, I came to understand just how important the writing process had been for my sense of self and sanity. 

Goshen Commons is no longer live, however, I am finally giving my blog posts a new home here on my site. Beyond making them publicly available, however, my goal is to use them as inspiration to continue writing again on a regular basis. Though I am certainly gratified by anyone else who finds these posts meaningful, the writing is primarily a commitment to myself and the people in my life who have always encouraged me in this area.

Happy reading.